How A Lady Like Me Connected With A Federal Prisoner

I was reading the classified personals one day and saw a picture of this charming 75-year old man with a dashing white mustache.  He was a federal prisoner (they have to disclose that) and under his picture it simply said, “I have a story.  Want to read it?”

Well, that is all it took for me to write to him.  We corresponded back and forth a few times.  He told me about his manuscript of a book that he wrote, one hour at a time because that is how long he was allowed to use the typewriter in prison.  I told him I could scan his manuscript into digital form and have a publisher look at it.

He could only mail me as much as would fit in a standard business envelope, so it took a while before I had it in its totality.  Once I had it, it wasn’t easy.  The manuscript went through the scanner, but there were many scanner errors that I had to correct.  Then I sent it to him in total, and he made revisions and sent me about ten pages at a time.

His unique story was indeed worth everything it took me to get it into print and published.  His book, Operation White Terror, is a masterpiece of character development and true crime.  In fact, the story was the reason he was in prison for 24 years.

He has a story.  Want to read it?


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