It’s finally here – 2018

Happy New Year to everyone.  I would like to introduce you to a book by Uwe Jensen.  The title is Operation White Terror.  In this book the author details his involvement in a conspiracy to sells Russian arms to a South American Terrorist group called the AUC.

The representative of the arms to be sold speaks German.  Uwe’s boss, who created the conspiracy and the AUC speak Spanish.  It just so happens that Uwe speaks fluent Spanish and German.  So he is the translator of the conspiracy.

The AUC want to pay for the arms in Cocaine.  Everyone is agreed.  Things should have worked out fine.

However, the German arms representative went to the FBI to tell them what was going on.  From then until the end everything the German is involved in is recorded on his body microphone for the FBI to listen to.

The operation is allowed to continue with the FBI following their every move.  This book is an accounting of all those tapes, of which Uwe was allowed to have a copy to prepare for his trial.

This book was written one hour at a time, because that’s the maximum amount of time Uwe was allowed to use the prison typewriter every day.

This is a story you won’t want to miss.  It’s exciting and the descriptions are true to life.

To order this book, just click on the Pay Pal button and fill out your information.   I have only 30 books left.  You will not find this book anywhere else.  The publisher (Tate) has gone bankrupt and the co-founders have been put in prison for fraudulent marketing practices.  I just happen to order a box of books before this happened.

You can reach me at if you have any questions at all.

The book is priced at $25.50.


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