Operation White Terror, by Uwe Jensen

 When I first began marketing Operation White Terror, by Uwe Jensen, I knew nothing about websites or how to get a book sold over the internet.  Then I joined Wealth Affiliate and learned from their step-by-step training how to build not just a website, but an online marketing business.  It’s easy to learn, but it’s hard work to keep up your website, making sure it is current and enjoyable to read.

This book, Operation White Terror was written in prison, an hour at a time because that’s how much time the author had allowed to him each day at the prison typewriter.  It’s a true crime story written by Uwe Jensen, a one-time member of the Danish Parliament.

Uwe and his boss conspired to buy Russian arms for the South American Terrorist Group, the AUC, and to receive payment in Cocaine.

This was the FBI’s premise for the case against them.  The book is an explanation by the author that he merely translated from German to English and German to Spanish, as he was tri-lingual.  But when you read the book you can make your own conclusions.

Uwe did 24 years in prison and is now out and living in the Houston area of Texas, USA.

To buy the book, just click on the pay pal button.  The book is priced at $25.50.  You will not find this book anywhere else.  I bought a box of books before the publisher went bankrupt.  The co-founders are now in prison for fraudulent marketing practices.

There are only 30 books left and when they are gone I can sell the digital pdf file for a lesser price.

If you would prefer a digital file instead of the book, in pdf format, you can reach me at dbeatty10@kc.rr.com.


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