The Purpose of this Blog

This blog is intended to market the book “Operation White Terror” by Uwe Jensen.  The publisher went bust and the co-founders are in prison for fraudulent practices, so it is up to me to market this book.

While the publishers were still up and running, I purchased 35 books.  Now that it is out of print, I have one box of 25 left.  I never even opened the box, so they are in pristine condition.

I have seen on Amazon that two rare book sellers each have one copy which they are trying to sell for several hundred dollars.  Don’t be scammed.  I intend to sell these for the original price of $22.95 plus $2.55 shipping fee.  So that’s a total of $25.50.

Please contact me at to make arrangements to receive this book.

You can purchase Operation White Terror by using the button below.  But The Maracaibo Plot is an ebook that I can email to you, or you can get it from Kindle.


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