Prologue of Operation White Terror


There was a victorious atmosphere in the crowded hall. The U.S. Attorney General John D. Ashcroft tightened his lips to control his smile facing the many journalists and photographers, who had shown up for this news conference. The tone in the voice of the top man in the U.S. Dept. of Justice was trembling due to the drama of his sensational presentation:

“Agents from the FBI and the DEA have for the past 14 months risked their lives. It is due to their efforts that we now have limited the ability of South American drug- and narco-terrorists to threaten American lives,” established John D. Ashcroft in his presentation to the attentive ears of the media.

The chief of the FBI, Robert S. Mueller, leaned back to receive more pats on his shoulder from the Attorney General.

“We have accomplished ‘Operation White Terror’. We have arrested four men in a 25 million dollar ‘weapons for drugs’ deal,” said Ashcroft and nodded appreciatively to his staff before he again glanced at the scribbling journalists from America’s largest newspapers and major TV-Networks.

“Two high level commanders and an intermediary from the right-wing Colombian organization AUC, who were designated a ‘terror organization’ by the U.S. State Dept. in 2001 – on Sept. 10th, were arrested in Costa Rica. They were on their way to Cuba to inspect freight containers full of Russian weapons – supplied by FBI-agents posing as Russian arms-dealers. But they only made it to Costa Rica, because the U.S. authorities prevented the deal,” he stated, and made a brief, dramatic break for affect.

“At the same hour we rang the doorbell at a modest home in Houston, where a fourth man, a Danish businessman with American/U.S. citizenship also was arrested. The FBI and DEA have made use of the anti-terror legislation and have been listening to conversations between the four arrested, read their emails and captured videos and photographed several interesting meetings concerning the exchange of Russian weapons for Colombian Cocaine and American Dollars.”

The male journalist from the Washington Post wrote on his notepad in block capitals: “THE USA THWARTS ARMS FOR DRUG DEAL”. Another reporter wrote “Terrorists behind Bars – the Terror Legislation of the USA works!”

Asa Hutchenson, the head of the American anti-drug authority DEA, complimented with satisfaction the Attorney General, chief of the trio, at the press conference.

“We have learned, and we have evidence, that drug-dealers and terrorists work in the same jungles, plan in the same caves and train in the same deserts.”

While Asa Hutchinson took a few seconds to look for more arguments among his notes, the FBI-chief took a chance and pointed with all his authority at the TV-cameras at the opposite end of the hall: “This is an important blow in the fight against international terror.”

Robert B. Mueller kept focusing on the camera-lenses another few seconds before he continued, in a more relaxed tone, almost smiling: “From the day the Danish businessman introduced his Colombian boss to the wrong man, we have monitored and watched this group. It is an important day today. Some of the top people in the paramilitary Colombian organizations have been unveiled when they wanted to buy Russian Weapons and pay with drugs or narcotics. This is how terrorists deal in the 21st Century.

Now we have prevented some of them doing it again…” finished the chief of the FBI, before the journalists could fire their questions at him.

The journalists were caught up in the atmosphere. Their notepads were soon filled up, – and the wide smiles of the ‘top-trio’ perpetuated forever. The four men arrested were charged with conspiracy against the USA and were risking imprisonment for life. They could also face fines of up to four million dollars for their participation in this drug deal, and slightly lesser punishment for the arms-deal participation. The crowd in the hall was absolutely convinced that this was an important capture, and an example of how the tightening by the USA against International Terror was working. About one month after the Sept. 11 attacks, the Bush Administration passed the anti-terror Patriot Act.

The Patriot Act was ensuring the Intelligence Services almost unlimited resources in the fight against terrorism, and now, about one year later, the reporters in Washington DC agreed that anyone could see the results of the law passed.

The U.S. Attorney General chose to use the same press-conference to reveal that two Pakistanis and an American had been charged with providing material support to the terror organization ‘Al Queda’. This statement, that those two incidents were mentioned in the same breath, further dramatized the atmosphere among the many reporters at this conference.

The news of the day about the capture of the four ‘weapons-for-drugs’ dealers was underlining the decision to fight any form of terrorism with all available means.

At the same time the journalists in Costa Rica where cheering when their Secretary of Justice (the Costa Rican Attorney General) Rogelio Ramos was showing off his smile of triumph at his press-conference in San Jose, reporting how they had prevented a large ‘weapons-for-drugs-deal’ by arresting three Colombians in the parking lot of the classy Hotel Marriott Costa Rica in San Antonio de Belen.

While this case took up newspaper columns and TV- and Radio minutes in the USA, Colombia, Costa Rica – and Denmark, the Danish businessman Uwe Jensen did not totally understand why the FBI rang his doorbell, put him in handcuffs and took him away to a Federal Detention Center in Houston, TX.

Uwe Jensen could not imagine, that his German friend had been acting as if in a comedy, and had been the snitch in a well-planned trap in cooperation with the FBI and the DEA.

The fact was, that there were no drugs, and the weapons did not exist as promoted by the FBI.

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