The Maracaibo Plot (Jungles of Coal and Coke), by Uwe Jensen, Preface

The Maracaibo Plot

(The Jungles of Coal and Coke)


Because of the increasing export of coal from the Lake Maracaibo region in Northern Venezuela, it did not take long before the Colombian cocaine producers became interested in coal cargoes to Europe and the USA.  Nothing could be easier than to hide half a ton of refined cocaine among fifty thousand tons of coal in the darkness of the hatches.

Like a dangerous predator watching from behind, the Colombian cocaine cartels followed the international coal boom developing in Venezuela.  Secretly, this financially very powerful Colombian Mafia placed their cards in the game, and very soon the black coal and the white cocaine moved together overseas to the worldwide markets.

Soon there was heavy traffic by mules in the Andes mountains, transporting solvents and cocaine leaves to the hidden labs, enabling them to produce thousands of kilos of cocaine every month.  The refining process is explained in detail in this adventure.

I, the author, Uwe Jensen, had come to Maracaibo in Venezuela to supervise the export of coal, but due to the intervention of the Colombian drug cartels trying to use our vessels for illegal transport of cocaine, I was now fighting the most powerful drug cartels in the world.  This now became my war against the Mafia in the jungles of coal and coke.