The Maracaibo Plot, by Uwe Jensen, Prologue


Usually, when I approached the Immigration official at Miami International Airport back from one of my frequent trips to South America the officer would ask me, what my line of business was. I would answer jokingly and smiling: “Coal and Coke!”

I had been working for some years as a troubleshooter for an American International Coal Trading Company. We dealt and traded in bituminous coal and metallurgical coal, also popularly called “coke.” So, it was true as stated. But I never realized how real my fresh answer to the Immigration official would become one day.

The Mafia would try to pressure me into dealing in coal and coke the way the South Americans considered the product combination to be: – the black coal, and the white coke, cocaine.

It took me some time to find out that a large part of the South American coal business was in the hands of the Mafia, the Cartels, and corrupt South American government officials. The South American coal business was now in the hands of killers.

And I wanted to fight them and to put them out of business, as much as they wanted to eliminate me.

My name is Uwe Jensen, known among friends to be aggressive, nasty, obnoxious. Some of my friends said I had some style. Maybe it had come from many trips around the world on different assignments.

I had spent some time in Africa and done some intelligence work in Hong Kong and China back in the sixties. I hated communism then and now, and I hated crooks.

And I was going to fight the crooks in the jungles of Colombia and Venezuela.

The jungles of coal and coke!

This was my latest mission, troubleshooting!

There was going to be a lot of trouble, – and a lot of shooting!