About Uwe Jensen, the Author of Operation White Terror

I met Uwe Jensen by way of newspaper ad.  It simply said, “I have a story.  Want to hear it?”  His picture was included and he was a dapper fellow, about 75 years old.

Hook, Line and Sinker

Well, of course I wanted to hear his story.  It turned out he had full manuscript which he had typed on a manual typewriter there in the prison.  My task, should I choose it, was to scan the manuscript into a digital form and proof and edit the entire manuscript.

Uwe Jensen Is a very intelligent man. It turned out that he had served one term in the Danish Parliament.  And he was a man who knew how to get things done.  Even from prison.

The Manuscript

Uwe Jensen’s story was all about the events that led up to his arrest by the FBI.  He was on the FBI Most Wanted List.  The story starts out with his account of being led to his arraignment, having been shackled by his hands and feet.  Then he begins at the beginning, in clear detail how he came to be accused of paying for illegal arms from Russia with Cocaine in order to send the arms to The FARC, a terrorist group in South America.


I was able to get the book published with Tate Publishing.  I ordered 75 books, which is a good thing, because the publishing company went bust and its owners went to prison for fraudulent business practices.  I only have 25 more books in an unopened box, so they are in pristine condition.

The name of the book is Operation White Terror.  Uwe Jensen was the white terrorist.  Everyone else in the conspiracy was Hispanic.

The FBI Take Down

If you Google “Operation White Terror”, the FBI has a riveting article on how they built the case against Jensen and his cohorts.  They were able to simultaneously take down the head honchos in South America while also arresting Uwe Jensen from his home in Texas.  There is also an affidavit written by the lead FBI agent about the case.

Book Availability – Slim Pickens

I did a search online on “Operation White Terror.”  It came up on Amazon.com as a “rare” book because very few people have bought the book before the publisher closed its doors for good.  So these two sites were asking for several hundred dollars.

My Asking Price

Originally the set price of Operation White Terror was $22.95.  And that is what I intend to sell them for.  If you would like to order Operation White Terror, please email me at dbeatty10@kc.rr.com. Shipping is only 2.55 because it will go “Book Rate” for a total of $25.50.

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