About Debra

Two weeks ago I was desperately looking for a second job doing anything clerical.  I decided to look online to see if I could find any work at home jobs.  I was all set to try selling medical discount plans on the phone when I found a website that compared that “home job” with itself.  The website I decided to go with is Wealthy Affiliate.  I don’t have to call anyone on the phone, which is a relief to me.  I do not have the gift of gab.  But I can write up a storm.

I joined for free and followed their course of step-by-step lessons to create a website of my own.  It only takes 30 seconds because Wealthy Affiliate does all the technical stuff automatically.  I don’t know computer coding at all.  And I don’t need to know.  They host my website and track my progress for me.  A free member can have two free websites.  I decided to become a premium member (for $19.95) so that I could create 50 websites.  I have a lot of ideas for different projects.

I have been creating websites for eleven days.  I have five of them now.  My rank when I first started was over 10,000.  Now it is under 400.  So I know I must be following their instructions correctly.  From that starting rank I can tell that they have over 10,000 members in their community.  This community helps each other out when someone gets stuck.  A more informed member will either tell you how to do something, or will actually direct you to the lesson that deals with that part of your project.  You can actually watch a video to show you how to do something.

Your project could be something that you are passionate about.  I’m passionate about books.  All I have to do is write about a book I’ve read, and then find that book on Amazon, link to that product, and if someone buys that book, I get a commission.  The lessons will explain it more fully, but you get the idea.  Amazon wants the free advertising and they want their books sold, and we get the commission for helping them out.  This is called being an “Affiliate” of Amazon.  Amazon has step-by-step instructions on how to become an affiliate of theirs.  So this is a win-win-win transaction because we are also informing the public about their books.

You could also do product reviews about anything Amazon sells on their website.  The same goes for many major sellers on the web.  Billions of people search the web daily.  If you can capture the attention of just 1% every day, that translates to a lot of money for you.

If you have any questions, you can email me at dbeatty10@kc.rr.com.