It’s finally here – 2018

Happy New Year to everyone.  I would like to introduce you to a book by Uwe Jensen.  The title is Operation White Terror.  In this book the author details his involvement in a conspiracy to sells Russian arms to a South American Terrorist group called the AUC.

The representative of the arms to be sold speaks German.  Uwe’s boss, who created the conspiracy and the AUC speak Spanish.  It just so happens that Uwe speaks fluent Spanish and German.  So he is the translator of the conspiracy.

The AUC want to pay for the arms in Cocaine.  Everyone is agreed.  Things should have worked out fine.

However, the German arms representative went to the FBI to tell them what was going on.  From then until the end everything the German is involved in is recorded on his body microphone for the FBI to listen to.

The operation is allowed to continue with the FBI following their every move.  This book is an accounting of all those tapes, of which Uwe was allowed to have a copy to prepare for his trial.

This book was written one hour at a time, because that’s the maximum amount of time Uwe was allowed to use the prison typewriter every day.

This is a story you won’t want to miss.  It’s exciting and the descriptions are true to life.

To order this book, just click on the Pay Pal button and fill out your information.   I have only 30 books left.  You will not find this book anywhere else.  The publisher (Tate) has gone bankrupt and the co-founders have been put in prison for fraudulent marketing practices.  I just happen to order a box of books before this happened.

You can reach me at if you have any questions at all.

The book is priced at $25.50.


How A Lady Like Me Connected With A Federal Prisoner

I was reading the classified personals one day and saw a picture of this charming 75-year old man with a dashing white mustache.  He was a federal prisoner (they have to disclose that) and under his picture it simply said, “I have a story.  Want to read it?”

Well, that is all it took for me to write to him.  We corresponded back and forth a few times.  He told me about his manuscript of a book that he wrote, one hour at a time because that is how long he was allowed to use the typewriter in prison.  I told him I could scan his manuscript into digital form and have a publisher look at it.

He could only mail me as much as would fit in a standard business envelope, so it took a while before I had it in its totality.  Once I had it, it wasn’t easy.  The manuscript went through the scanner, but there were many scanner errors that I had to correct.  Then I sent it to him in total, and he made revisions and sent me about ten pages at a time.

His unique story was indeed worth everything it took me to get it into print and published.  His book, Operation White Terror, is a masterpiece of character development and true crime.  In fact, the story was the reason he was in prison for 24 years.

He has a story.  Want to read it?


Don’t Miss Out on This Book

There are only 30 copies left.  Operation White Terror is a wonderful story, even though the author, Uwe Jensen, was sentenced to federal prison for 24 years.

Just imagine him typing it one hour at a time.  That was all he was allowed per day while in prison.

Then he had to find someone who would digitize it for a publisher.  I don’t know how many people he tried to get to publish it before it caught my attention.

First, he was only allowed to send 15 pages at a time through the mail to me.

Then I had to scan it, proof it, and send it back to him.  He would correct those 15 pages and send them back to me.  Meanwhile I had received his second 15 pages to scan, proof and send it back to him.  It was a real merry-go-round and could have been a disaster if we hadn’t have paid such close attention to our work in progress.

After six months it was ready to sent to a publisher.  They edited it and sent it back to me for corrections, and finally it was ready for printing.  This entire process from first scan to printing took approximately one year.

I ordered 50 books and set them aside in their boxes.

In 2014 Ewe Jensen was released from prison.  I met him face to face in Houston, Texas.  I gave him eight books for him to give to his friends and family.  His son paid me for them.

When I left Texas to go back home to Kansas City, Missouri, I had a small partial box of books, and an unopened box of 30.

After almost 4 years, I was able to open the last box and sold a book to a lady in Australia.  The postage was almost as much as the price of the book, but it is getting exposure.

To get you own copy before they are all gone, click on the Buy Now icon and fill out your address.  Indicate whether you want a digital file or the book.


Operation White Terror, by Uwe Jensen

Uwe Jensen is the author of Operation White Terror.  If you Google “Operation White Terror” you will find an FBI account of the conspiracy.  The conspiracy, as Uwe was charged with, was to pay for Russian Arms with Cocaine.  AUC, which is a South American Terrorist group, wanted these arms and were willing to pay with Cocaine.  As Uwe Jensen tells in his book, he was simply the translator, as they were working with a German arms dealer.  The AUC participants only spoke Spanish.  Uwe spoke both German and Spanish, thus, he took on the role of a translator.

Below is a short intro of the book.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this book, you will not find it at Tate or on Amazon, as it is out of print.  However, I purchased 31 of them directly from the publisher before the publisher went bust, and the co-founders went to prison for fraudulent practices.

You can email me at to make arrangements to buy the digital file for $15.00.

I will keep this website up until I have sold the remaining 30 books.  If you would like an ebook instead, I can send you a pdf version of the book that you can either read on your computer, or download to your favorite reading device.  The book is $22.95 plus $2.55 shipping.  So that’s $25.50.  Click below to buy the physical book.


The Purpose of this Blog

This blog is intended to market the book “Operation White Terror” by Uwe Jensen.  The publisher went bust and the co-founders are in prison for fraudulent practices, so it is up to me to market this book.

While the publishers were still up and running, I purchased 35 books.  Now that it is out of print, I have one box of 25 left.  I never even opened the box, so they are in pristine condition.

I have seen on Amazon that two rare book sellers each have one copy which they are trying to sell for several hundred dollars.  Don’t be scammed.  I intend to sell these for the original price of $22.95 plus $2.55 shipping fee.  So that’s a total of $25.50.

Please contact me at to make arrangements to receive this book.

You can purchase Operation White Terror by using the button below.  But The Maracaibo Plot is an ebook that I can email to you, or you can get it from Kindle.